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Studio Transformer

Studio · August 18, 2014 ·

Studio Transformer, the Moscow based award-winning branding studio got a sweet new website. Their new site has a clean and minimal design and is built in a grid-loving and highly responsive way. What’s not to like?

CRD Select

Campaign · August 14, 2014 ·

If you are looking for the place to spend your vacation, you could dig through travel platforms of many kinds. Or you could trust the able hands of CRD, Hamburgs experts on once-in-a-lifetime locations. On the site, destinations take center stage, showcasing beautiful photography and a bespoke set of illustrations. Very solid work by We Are Fellows.


Studio · August 13, 2014 ·

Hyperakt is a social impact design studio based in Brooklyn, NY. In the last couple of years they did some really superb work, you should go see it. Make sure you check out the Case studies and Labs section, too.


Studio · August 12, 2014 ·

Songes is the interior design studio that will be able to materialize and arrange your living spaces dreamed. The simple yet beautiful new website of Songes was made by Lionel Durimel and JC Suzanne.


Studio · August 11, 2014 ·

The splendid new website of Toronto based digital production and design agency Jam3. This gem was launched a while back earlier this year. In case you haven’t seen it yet, now would be a good time to do exactly that.

As You Can See: Polish Art Today

Campaign · August 6, 2014 ·

»As You Can See: Polish Art Today« is the first show of current Polish art spanning such range for more than a decade. This ongoing exhibition has a remarkable website that features a neat way of presenting artists and artwork. Very nice job by Huncwot.

Atelier Serge Thoraval

August 5, 2014 ·

The official website of the Atelier Serge Thoraval, a Paris based studio designing and producing jewelry. This site got a great overall design spiced up with lots of impressive 3D-ish effects and transitions. Very nice job by Jonathan da Costa and JC Suzanne.


Campaign · August 4, 2014 ·

Your Majesty created a superb new website for the new Amsterdam based hotel Volkshotel. If you are into »untraditional« websites, you will like this website. If you are into illustrations and animations, you will like this website. Even if you are just a code geek you will like this website. It’s a terrific piece of web design that makes you want to pack your bags. Thank you!

Wild Beasts

Campaign · July 29, 2014 ·

The british indie rock band Wild Beasts got a remarkable website. Colorful, playful and ready for all devices and viewports. Site credits: 020 7

Julien Simshauser

Portfolio · July 27, 2014 ·

In his own words Julien Simshauser is a London-based Motion Designer, Digital Designer and Director collaborating with talent from everywhere to create outstanding visual experiences. Recently Julien got a new website which is more than just remarkable. It’s a beautiful experience. Very well done!

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