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Into The Arctic – Greenpeace

Brand · April 16, 2013 ·

Take a journey into the Arctic and explore for yourself its natural wonders, the threat of the encroaching oil industry, and follow the struggle to Save the Arctic. The Arctic is under pressure from oil companies seeking to exploit its fossil resources. They see the melting of the sea ice, not as a warning, but as a business opportunity.

«With the launch of it must be easy and engaging for users to follow Greenpeace’s actions north of the Arctic Circle. The site is a live take on a log, which follows a team of activists in their quest to limit oil companies’ exploitation of natural resources, and simultaneously tells about the area, and the adverse consequences pursuit of profit carries.»

«We have tried to create a platform that can bring a feeling in a person to be closer to what is happening in the Arctic right now that may otherwise seem distant. The Arctic is under heavy pressure from both climate change and oil companies, and the problem we need to home in the living room.»

This is an absolutely lovely website. Very innovative and inspiring CSS effects. Outstanding job by Hello Monday. Those guys and girls seem to raise the bar with each project.