Best Microsites 2008

the best microsites 2008 on spyline

The 30 Best Microsites on spyline in 2008 are sorted chronologically - starting back in January 2008.

Food For Thought

Food For Thought is an educational microsite of the British Heart Foundation which makes you think about your food and health. Enjoy the interactive flash game and don't forget about real activity afterwards. credits: fingal

Breaking Bad

The microsite of the new AMC TV-series Breaking Bad is classy and completely works out. You will become interested in this attracting, odd and wicked story of its own. credits: mono + unit9

Simplify Your Work

Simplify your daily work with the all new Office mac 2008. Spiced up with cute animations and illustrations it really looks like fun to work with Microsoft's latest office toolkit. credits: firstborn

IKEA: The Complete Bedroom

IKEA is celebrating the charme of a good night sleep and its quiet surroundings. Lovely slow-motion footage, tasty music and creative transitions let you discover the Complete Bedroom. credits: Forsman & Bodenfors + Thomson Interactive Media

Honda - Problem Playground

Explore Honda's Problem Playground and find out about the company's approaches to alternative and renewable energy sources. credits: Wieden + Kennedy London

Red Bull Flight Lab

Red Bull's Flight Lab really showcases that Papervision3D is capable of small 3D online games. Create your very own individual plane and try to fly it as good as you can. credits: LESS RAIN

Motorola City

Explore Motorola's city of government & public safety. A well-concepted microsite by BBDO & Soulpolice with a well adjusted mix of animation, video footage and eye-candy.

In An Absolut World

Submit your vision and get to know how life should be in an Absolut World. An excellent viral microsite made by Great Works and flavoured with serious papervision3D skills where the product itself takes a backseat.

Coke Zero Game

Check out the international version of the Coke Zero Game made by North Kingdom. An excellent promotional microsite for the Euro 2008 football tournament.

Levi's Lady Style - Cut to Reveal You

Now that's what you can call a catwalk. Levi's 2008 women collection is presented on an atmospheric concept-driven 3D video microsite that will touch you in a sort of magic way. credits: Ogilvy Singapore

Hello, World!

Hello, World! is a microsite for the japanese telecom company SoftBank made by Yugo Nakamura and tha. A stunning masterpiece on the green!

White Gold

At the end of the 'White Gold experience' you will start to love white gold-ish hair for sure. This ravishing microsite for got milk? is another creative milestone of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and odopod.

Netsafe NetBasics

Netsafe's CGI character driven internet awareness campaign website is simply loveable. Take good care of yourself because online, things are not always as they appear... credits: Apropos + Supply

Uniqlo Try

Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo goes over the top with each campaign. This hyperskilled and playful 3D experience for entertaining researches on bras is possibly one of the best sites ever - in a technological sense. credits: Simone Inc.

Diesel Genes of Sweden

Diesel is researching the genes of creativity in Sweden. This microsite is including a creative experiment and a secret exhibition in Stockholm for unique style expressions. credits: AD&D

The Eco Zoo

If you take a close look at the animals in The Eco Zoo... you might be able to get some tips to live in a more environmentally friendly way. credits: McCann Erickson Japan + Roxik.

IKEA: Come into the Closet

'Kom in i Garderoben' or 'Come into the Closet' is another superb swedish online campaign for IKEA. Explore and decide what's happening in those dressing rooms. credits: Forsman & Bodenfors

truth about smart

Find out the truth about smart on this very amusing british microsite. Truly a masterpiece of interactive story-telling with a twinkle in the eye. credits: agency republic

Hello Sour Sally!

Play, fly and fool around with a girl named Sally, all bright-eyed and merry. Discover a lovely illustrated world to find out more about Sour Sally non-fat frozen yoghurt. credits: Kinetic Singapore

NOKIA - Music Almighty

Become 'music almighty' with your own custom preferences and styles on this excellent european microsite for Nokia. credits: w+k and firstborn

Del Valle dos Monstros

Brazilian beverage brand Sucos del Valle invites you to a valley where cute monster kids are trolling around. credits: WABA WABA

XM Radio - Wild Ride

Enjoy the wild ride with your furry friends while you are listening to XM Radio. This interactive and fun time microsite is another creative highlight made by firstborn.

Mollywood - The Social Life

Mollywood is a new 3D multi-user, gaming, communication and social platform for the new hit show 'The Starter Wife'. credits: NBC and freedom + partners

Volkswagen Fox

This brazilian microsite for the Volkswagen Fox is trying to give proof that 'everything is more fun from above'. credits: AlmapBBDO + Colmeia


The government doesn’t get any funnier than this. Quebec’s agence de l’efficacité énergétique found a clever way of showing us the importance of saving energy. credits: Bos + mamooth

Happy in Greenville

Happy in Greenville celebrates life, well-being, and happiness, and it shares with the world St. Francis’ love and commitment to its hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. credits: Grow Interactive

Nokia: The Unloader

The Unloader is a conceptual microsite of Nokia which gives you the opportunity to send boring documents on an exciting journey and feel a little better. credits: Farfar & Perfect Fools

JAG Black

JAG Black Jeans takes you on a super sexy photo shoot with two top models and lets you create your very own magazine. Happy snapping! credits: resn + state of tomorrow

Toshiba what next?

Find out what's next on this remarkable microsite of Toshiba. A dazzling clean design, cute illustrations and a very sophisticated way of interaction will mark your personal journey of innovation. credits: unit9 + Grey London

NVIDIA - Speak Visual

Speak Visual with NVIDIA in your computer. Learn how NVIDIA graphics processors help creatives to get their ideas come to life. credits: cutwater + odopod