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Loïc Sattler a.k.a. LYSERGID is a designing all-rounder from Paris, France. He is art director, illustrator, rich media designer and editor and currently works in a big agency in Paris. He was born in the east of France close to the german border and studied Media Communications and Multimedia at the university Louis Pasteur in France and at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart, Germany. He is a Media Master of Arts, an MA diploma delivered in 6 schools throughout Europe, by the University of Portsmouth (UK).

Loïc owns a very adorable portfolio and also runs a very remarkable and popular blog. As spyline's first interviewee he talks about his roots and inspiration, graphic design and web design as well as his role in the global design community.
Loïc Sattler

Loïc Sattler Loïc Sattler


Hello Loïc. You are quite something like an 'all-european designer' because you worked / studied in France, Germany and the U.K.. How was your impression of leaving your country and experiencing others? And would you recommend it?
Hi Jan and first of all, thanks for having me up, you’re doing quite an impressive work in here. So let’s go now.

To understand my interests about other countries, we should go into my kid feelings. Since my childhood I was attracted by other people, other languages and other cultures, certainly determined by a “it is better somewhere else” feeling that I can hardly describe. This made me grow curious and interested by really everything. Socializing is central in my life since then, and I’m proud of it.

It was not really a challenge leaving my country to work in another. I really learnt a lot with it and I truly recommend it. You often have a “touch” that interests people in this field (let’s talk about a “French touch” on my side!) and that gives you a true plus.
You are an art director, rich media designer, illustrator and editor. Which part of your job do you like best? Which sport / media is your favorite?
Well younger, I tried to see a variety of domains in the field, from illustration to 3D, film, web design & programming, motion, photography. That gave me a global idea on what I wanted to do in my professional life, and at the end, I don’t really fell in love for something precisely. I love creation and creativity globally seen although I’m seen as a “nice & fresh” stuff producer.

Concerning the editor side: I had the chance to born creatively with the media and see it grow (1999 to be precise). I soon gave my work an international side rather than a French feel, and that offered me good visibility quickly. On the other hand, my curiosity and studies gave me the ability to learn and study creative communities systems. Back in 2005, I made my thesis on those systems, and that brought me a lot.

Contributing gives me the ability:
1) to share my knowledge – a point that is the most important to me, and that I understood deeply with my thesis
2) to disentangle them and follow their life, learn about them and understand technical/ social needs that are generated with them.
3) to create my own visibility - although I really don’t swindle with it.

So to come back on the question… I think I love my job, and I love to share this love. Kind of passionate guy isn’t it…
Loïc Sattler
Well, passion and France... How would you compare European design with American, Asian … Antarctic design?
I don’t know if we can really compare those cultural sides based on graphic design or web design, the point that is interesting you I think.
Internet opened and pushed the boundaries between us, giving us the ability to see projects that are looking similar coming from the US, France, Asia etc… I assume my words when I say that France is still not as excellent as our colleagues in the UK, Sweden or USA. That is mainly due to our clients that are shy with creativity. French clients often pay to get what they have in mind. In other countries, they pay to let creative people find fresh and wild ideas. It is part of our culture and we know this. Many of us are fighting against that.

That’s also why I rapidly looked abroad: clients in Germany came with a smile and happy to see disruptive ideas, encouraging us going further. Here in Paris we still have difficulties with many reticent clients.
How do you feel about Flash? And how do you feel about JS / AJAX?
I’m quite interested in Flash. I began with the 3rd version, but the soft has changed a lot. Since version 8, Flash has become more complex (AS2 than AS3) and now you need to have 2 or 3 creative profiles to use it in professional production: developers, animators, and AD/Graphic designers. Flash is still and will keep very important in web construction, we all agree with that. And now with Air, Flex, etc.. it becomes more and more interesting ;)

JS/Ajax is more usability centered, I tried several scripts but I did not develop some by myself. But these systems are really useful, and I love to integrate those “web2.0” solutions into my graphic directions. And if I can give some help in developing some pages, I never say no!
Name some of your favorite design portals and / or feeds.
Oh well my favorite international portals are Computerlove, Design is Kinky, QBN and Netdiver. We also have a very active creative community here in France, one of the best I know out there. I’ve got lots of blogs in my bookmarks now, and that is really new. For 3 or 4 years, we hadn’t so many places to get news from the field. Blogs give creativity a tremendous plus in visibility, and I’m proud of that.

I also regret that it killed some communities that I really loved, and you know them: pixelsurgeon, Lounge72… But that’s part of life, sometimes.
In which portals are you involved by writing and contributing?
I was always involved in the graphic design community and this since 2000. I love sharing views on my job, with conferences, online interviews, posts, etc… I’m happy to say that I’m recognized for that.

I first went live on a Chinese community which is down now, and then Flavio gave me an opportunity @ Uailab ( Brazil) where I’m still posting some interviews.

Now I’m contributor and editor at Computerlove, my main place. I really would help with some additional features there, but the “time parameter” is here. I also write a lot on my own blog, which is written in French (it takes me a little bit less time than writing it in English). I also switched from Lounge72 – my all time favorite that closed recently – to QBN as second place.

One thing is clear: I would need 4 or 5 more hours in a day to do all the stuff I would like to do!
Loïc Sattler
What would you say is your best work?
My best work is the work that I’ll make in the future. I don’t really think someone has got a best, we’re always learning, especially in our field. I completed some projects / works well (from the brainstorm to delivery) and that made me happy.
Can you name some people who inspired you or helped you out in your career?
I’ve had lots of people who inspired me, and lots of people who helped me. For the inspiration, I’m a child of the “infinity” artists, the abstract series of DigitalVision. You can list in here Mike Young (DesignGraphik), Jens Karlsson (Chapter3), Joost (Renascent), Sean Rodwell (Aeriform), Nathan Flood (ex. nginco) and others. I later went into colours and vector treatments, with inspiration coming from Chuck (NoPattern) & Joshua Smith (Hydro74).

Now I’m no more into looking what others do. I’m creating all by myself by feeling the trends, by creating what I like and go where I want to go. Many people help me out during my career. That gives me now the opportunity to thank some of them. Kaï, Christophe, Sebastian, Flavio, Tom. You all gave / give me a great boost, thanks a lot.
How would you compare France, your country with Germany, the country you lived in for several years?
I would say both are really different, especially the people.
For me, German folks are often more solid and accurate, VS French folks are more into mess, free style and imagination. I really like both sides but I don’t feel like belonging to one or another.
You are a certified multilingual person which is excellent. But how on earth did you decide to learn german, the language of love :) I mean it is helpful if you want to visit the upcoming UEFA Euro 2008 football tournament but still…
Haha yes that’s funny. Learning a foreign language always helps out for sure. Look when you go to Mallorca, German is very useful ;)

You know I spent my first 20 years at home in the east of France, 20 km away from Germany. We didn’t have a good antenna, we didn’t receive French TV channels very well. But German ones where more powerful, that’s why we had only 4 or 5 German canals. That helps to learn the tongue!

No but to be honest, I like Stuttgart, Munich or Berlin better than Paris or even London. Maybe it is a feeling with people there.
One final question: What does Lysergid stand for and why did you choose it for yourself?
Lysergid is the technical word of the the LSD, the well known drug also named Lysergic acid or acid d-lysergic (C16 H16 N2 O2).

I chose this scene name for the following reason. When I begun my design career - in a creative studio at the time – the manager told me that my works looked as if they were made by an artist under acid (At the time, I built very abstract composition with intensive colors). That was it!

Now why Lysergid rather than LSD? I really preferred the technical word of the substance, because it is less accessible. You have to look after it before understanding the term and what it hides. Also because all people – at this time – tried to get a cool name or something that sounded hip in the field. Mine is more complex to understand, to spell, to reach: it hides lots of secrets. That’s what I like.
Merci beaucoup for taking the time. Keep up the good work!
Thanks a lot, you rock!

This interview was conducted in March 2008

Loïc Sattler

Loïc Sattler