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Stinkdigital Showreel 2015

Motion · February 26, 2015 ·

The award-winning production agency Stinkdigital just released a stunning new showreel for 2015. Go watch it now!

Webshocker Showreel 2013

Motion · November 20, 2013 ·

The slovenian interactive powerhouse Webshocker celebrates its 10th birthday with a brand new showreel. Go check it out!

Toca Me 2013

Motion · February 27, 2013 ·

Have a look at this personal project of Timo Böse. It’s the Opener for the Toca Me Design Conference 2013 in Munich, Germany. Timo filmed colorful still life arrangements with a Red camera and a motion control dolly and enhanced the compositions with some 3D elements.

Charlie Co: 2012 Reel

Motion · August 14, 2012 ·

The award-winning design studio Charlie Company Corp. from Santa Monica, CA just released a stunning new showreel.

The Mill Showreel 2012

Motion · March 10, 2012 ·

The award winning visual effects studio The Mill published a new showreel featuring a selection of the very best VFX work from their teams in London, New York and Los Angeles. Super impressive stuff!

Stinkdigital Showreel 2012

Motion · March 1, 2012 ·

Stinkdigital released a new showreel today. The showreel presents some of the excellent work they have done for Diesel, IKEA, Philips and Wrangler Europe.

Experience Freedom

Motion · February 20, 2012 ·

The latest thrilling video from cinematic extreme sports site Infinity List – «Experience Freedom» has just been released. Some of the best wingsuit flyers, base jumpers, and skydivers literally fly through serene Chinese mountain ranges, beautiful Norwegian valleys, and the stunning orange skies of Australia.
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Universal Everything Reel 2011

Motion · October 19, 2011 ·

The british powerhouse of Motion Graphics Universal Everything has just published a new showreel. Magnificent works! via @thorstenkonrad

Experience Zero Gravity

Motion · September 19, 2011 ·

«Experience Zero Gravity will hopefully provide you with the feeling and the emotion that we feel when we think about the experience of Base Jumping in the most scenic locations of the world. We hope you can see this world from our eyes.». This stunning production by Betty Wants In is a great second chapter for the majestic «Experience Human Flight».

Webshocker Showreel

Motion · September 1, 2011 ·

Early this year the slovenian design studio Webshocker released a new showreel covering selected works from 2006–2011. You might prefer the YouTube HD version on their site.

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