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Sam Skinner

Portfolio · January 22, 2016 ·

Sam Skinner is an artist and producer currently doing a PhD between FACT, Liverpool and MIRIAD, Manchester School of Art, on reinventing the old Liverpool Observatory. His new playful porfolio website was designed by Dow-Smith Studio.

Adam Chang

Portfolio · January 20, 2016 ·

Adam Chang is a freelance Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. This is his brand new portfolio website.

Baptiste Ringot

Portfolio · January 5, 2016 ·

The beautiful new portfolio website of Baptiste Ringot — Senior Art Director & Designer based in Oslo, focusing on Interactive Solutions & User Experience.

Admir Hadzic

Portfolio · December 12, 2015 ·

Admir Hadzic is a multi-disciplinary award winning designer living and working in Munich, Germany. He is currently crafting new products as a UX Engineer at Google.

David Navarro

Portfolio · December 7, 2015 ·

Creative, Design Director and Full-Time Supervillain David Navarro got a nice new portfolio website. Super impressive body of work. Have a look!

Daniele Matalon

Portfolio · November 29, 2015 ·

Daniele Matalon is a french artist. Her beautiful new portfolio website was created by Bold+Beyond and Romain Briaux.

Ben Lukas Boysen

Portfolio · November 15, 2015 ·

The new personal portfolio for Berlin based composer, producer and sound designer, Ben Lukas Boysen. Site credits: Stupid Studios

Lauren Wickware

Portfolio · August 28, 2015 ·

Lauren Wickware is an award-winning designer based in Toronto, Canada. Lauren got a superb portfolio site. Design, content, behaviour and especially the colors – everything feels just right.

Malika Favre

Portfolio · August 21, 2015 ·

Malika Favre is a French artist based in London. Her bold, minimal style is often described as Pop Art meets OpArt. Apart from some really beautiful artworks, she got a neat website created by Guy Moorhouse.

We Ain’t Plastic

Portfolio · July 26, 2015 ·

We Ain’t Plastic is the personal portfolio of Roland Lösslein, a Creative Technolgist & User Experience Engineer based in Berlin, Germany. His clean and lean new website is full of tiny, thought through UI elements. Good job!

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