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Kurt Stallaert

Portfolio · March 9, 2015 ·

Welcome to the freshly relaunched diary of picture by belgian photographer Kurt Stallaert. It’s a lush portfolio website featuring superb shots. Site credits: Mr. Henry

Philip Cronerud

Portfolio · March 5, 2015 ·

Say hello to the simple yet very impressive portfolio of Philip Cronerud, a swedish graphic designer, art director, typographer, animator and light-developer currently working at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. Be advised: his site is a time-killer. There are lots of great works to see plus the dynamic change of the background color is a neat feature.

Julie Flogeac

Portfolio · February 18, 2015 ·

The new portfolio website of Julie Flogeac, a 23 year-old interactive designer from Paris, France. The website is designed quite remarkably although there is a slight overkill of transitions and hover effects which seems to slow things down. Nonetheless, it is a nice website with some decent works. Site credits: Christophe Massolin

Camille Léonard

Portfolio · February 16, 2015 ·

Say hello to the new personal portfolio website of Camille Léonard, a young art director and illustrator from Paris, France. Nice website with a remarkable webfont and a slick interface design.

Mathias Sterner

Portfolio · February 4, 2015 ·

The newly revamped portfolio of the swedish photographer and director Mathias Sterner. Once again the remarkable new look was created by Yours. Hope they keep the old site somewhere – it was a gem, too.

Kasper Laigaard

Portfolio · January 29, 2015 ·

This is the new super simple, super slick portfolio site of Kasper Laigaard. Kasper is an experienced art director who is currently working at Hello Monday.

Vito Salvatore

Portfolio · January 19, 2015 ·

Vito Salvatore is a Freelance Digital Designer and Art Director based in London. He just launched a beautiful new portfolio website showcasing some pretty impressive projects he has worked on.

Piet Oudolf

Portfolio · January 14, 2015 ·

Piet Ooudolf is a quite renowned garden architect from Hummelo, The Netherlands. He recently got a new portfolio site with a super slick interface. Credits: Studio Naam

Aurelien Trichereau

Portfolio · January 13, 2015 ·

Aurelien Trichereau is a young French Interaction designer with a focus on user interface, user experience and information design. He recently launched a nice new portfolio website. And it’s a quite distinctive one. Aurelien is currently looking for a new work position as junior designer in a digital agency.

Jean-Christophe Suzanne

Portfolio · January 7, 2015 ·

Jean-Christophe Suzanne is an exceptional creative frontend developer based in Paris, France. His remarkable portfolio website is highlighting his key talents: interfaces, transitions and other magic things that can happen on your screen. He most certainly is someone to watch – and hire.

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