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Project · August 18, 2009 ·

Q-BLOCK lets you create and share 3D Pixel Art Online. This is an adorable tool by KYUCON. Make sure you check out the other stuff, too.


Project · August 2, 2009 ·

Seven is an original 2.5D – halfway between 2D and 3D – action game. Collect seven stars that scatters in each stage. This online experience was created by Makibishi


Project · July 19, 2009 ·

Odosketch recreates the decidedly non-digital experience of working with a sketchbook. Its papery textures, variety of brushes and intentional imperfections make you forget you’re working on a screen.

Concave Scream

Project · May 22, 2009 ·

Concave Scream is an indie band from Singapore. Their new website presents the ‘Soundtrack for a book’ album and a remarkable way of sound visualization. credits: kinetic

BBC Blast Studio

Project · May 14, 2009 ·

BBC Blast Studio is an experiment in creativity and invites you to get creative and take the controls of custom built devices. Everything you do and see is happening in real time.

FWA Photo

Project · March 26, 2009 ·

FWA Photo is the latest addition to the FWA family and showcases ‘one photo a day’ by worldwide famous photographers. group94 crafted this slick masterpiece of a flash application.

donate a meal

Project · March 20, 2009 ·

donate a meal is a project of the kindertafel düsseldorf charity and lets users donate for the real kids in need by filling their plates with food of their choice. credits: ogilvy & mather

Pretty Loaded

Project · January 14, 2009 ·

preloaders used to be either the most annoying or most unique part of many websites. pretty loaded is an exhibition of outstanding preloaders curated by big spaceship.

Thank you begins with a T

Project · January 13, 2009 ·

‘thank you begins with a t’ is a microsite and gift by the american design studio grow interactive. check out their lovely t-shirt collection and some hilarious interactive video loops.

Cavedudez Ultrafunkular

Project · December 13, 2008 ·

cavedudez presents their first single and music video “ultrafunkular” including the free download of the single. credits: nicholas da silva / zoolook

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