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Jeremy Levine

Studio · July 29, 2008 ·

jeremy levine is a designer for eco-friendly residential structures. his new website is a shiny masterpiece of modern interface design crafted by section seven.


Studio · July 10, 2008 ·

mint is a fashion variation of a publicity boutique-agency based in são paulo, brazil. if you don’t know what that means take a visit to this really beautiful and skillful crafted website.


Studio · June 28, 2008 ·

frame is a design-driven motion design boutique based in copenhagen, denmark. their new flashfolio is slick and functional and contains a very respectable body of work.

Erwin Bauer

Studio · June 23, 2008 ·

erwin bauer is a design bureau based in vienna, austria. their website is quite a gem which is filled with fine print and packaging designs and smooth mootools like javascript.


Studio · June 20, 2008 ·

kastenstudio is an interior design studio based in mortsel, belgium. their well-executed website is a slick and minimal beauty with loads of excellent interior shots.

From Scratch

Studio · June 15, 2008 ·

from scratch is a multidisciplinary design studio based in beverly hills, usa. their flawless and catchy website contains some really adorable character and motion designs.


Studio · June 6, 2008 ·

keal is a small interactive design studio from curitiba, brazil. their website is one slick and scalable grid beauty which is fun to interact with and is armed with some really nice works.


Studio · June 4, 2008 ·

designbolaget is a multidisciplinary design studio from copenhagen, denmark. their website is flawless, functional and exceptional pretty and contains loads of fine works.


Studio · May 12, 2008 ·

blackbeltmonkey is a promising design studio from hamburg germany. explore the classy body of work of the blackbelted creatives and some essential client rules.


Studio · May 3, 2008 ·

sevenedge is an award-winning web agency based in temse, belgium. their website is cluttered with eye candy and playful ideas and it’s a joy to explore and play with it.

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