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Athfield Architects

Studio · September 15, 2016 ·

Athfield Architects is an architecture studio from New Zealand with offices in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. Site credits: Sons & Co.

HOW Arkitekter

Studio · June 4, 2015 ·

HOW Arkitekter is an architecture studio based in Stockholm, Sweden founded in 2003 by Gunnar Hildén and Fabian Wanqvist. Recently Pixby created a lovely new website for them.


Brand · January 5, 2015 ·

DANISH™ is an online magazine promoting Danish design and architecture. The organisation behind it is Danish Design and Architecture Initiative, which was formed in 2012 and commissioned by the Ministry of Business and Growth, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture. The magazine is a custom WordPress based platform with articles cross referring to company profiles. Each company profile is made specifically for the company in both identity and content. Design, strategy, concept and UX by Spring/Summer – Developed by Molamil.

Very good job! Superior interface design and a lot of attention to detail. As a side note: TM Top-Level-Domains are quite interesting, don’t you think?

RTA Studio

Studio · December 10, 2013 ·

RTA Studio is an award-winning architecture studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. «Knitting buildings into existing social and urban fabric requires sensitivity and much of RTA’s output to date has been created from unpromising commissions: from tightly constrained sites, limited budgets, or the need to reuse existing buildings, they’ve created buildings of remarkable strength and clarity.» RTA Studio recently got a clean new website with a beautiful design, a solid piece of work by Sons&Co.

Julian Abrams

Portfolio · November 22, 2013 ·

Say hello to the new portfolio site for London-based architectural/interior photographer Julian Abrams. The site was designed by 2xElliott and programmed by Verde. Really nice work!

UCD School of Architecture

Brand · February 6, 2013 ·

How about a rather old website for a change? This website of 2011 has been commissioned as part of the UCD Architecture Centenary celebrations. Have a look at a super clean & minimal interface and a very slick timeline. Minimalism can be timeless.

Coop Himmelblau

Studio · January 30, 2013 ·

Coop Himmelblau is a design studio based in Vienna, Austria, active in architecture, urban planning, design, and art. They got a wonderful website, something to explore and play with. The site was designed by Bleed and developed by Værsågod.

Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

Studio · July 12, 2012 ·

Manuelle Gautrand Architecture is a Paris based architecture firm founded by Manuelle Gautrand in 1991. Their beautiful new website was designed gr20paris and developed by Studio Myers. Excellent job, nice design and navigation.

Fearon Hay Architects

Studio · July 5, 2012 ·

Fearon Hay Architects are award winning architects based in Auckland, New Zealand. Recently Fearon Hay got a new clean & lean website. The design looks pretty flawless and some details are surprisingly well done. Fullscreen images are always a treat. Also, watch out for an excellent footer navigation. Site credits: Sons & Co.

Chaos to Perfection

Brand · June 15, 2012 ·

Chaos to Perfection is an an interactive stroll around the Palace of Versailles. Meet Apollo, walk through the Hall of Mirrors or dream in the King’s apartment with this 3D WebGL experience. Site credits: Google Cultural Institute & Les 84™

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