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We Occupy

Project · December 5, 2016 ·

We Occupy was founded in 2003 by Darren Firth under the name WIWP, and has since cultivated its own place within the art/design scene, earning great acclaim from artists, collectors and the creative press.


Project · September 16, 2016 ·

TickTock is a Sid Lee Collective art project that explores how we visualize the passage of time. TickTock features 12 unique designs by multiple artists, with intuitive navigation to toggle between the compositions.

Femme Fatale Studio

Studio · September 9, 2016 ·

Femme Fatale Studio is an award-winning creative studio focusing on culture, luxury, editorial & art.

Olivier Jonvaux

Portfolio · September 5, 2016 ·

The new website of french artist and sculptor Olivier Jonvaux is quite special. You just have to interact, drag and resize his artworks on this unique onepager. Site credits: Jean Haderer, Cédric Pierre, Aram Mkrtchyan

Ben Pearce

Portfolio · September 1, 2016 ·

Beautiful new portfolio site for Ben Pearce, a Contemporary Sculpture Artist from New Zealand. Site Credits: Grafik

Bauhaus 100

Brand · August 31, 2016 ·

In 2019, Germany will be celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus, together with partners all over the world. This beautiful website is dedicated to honour the world famous art school in Weimar, Germany.

Cantor Fine Art

Brand · July 17, 2016 ·

Cantor Fine Art is a Los Angeles based art gallery representing premier contemporary artists.

The Next Rembrandt

Brand · April 13, 2016 ·

Can the great Master be brought back to life to create one more painting? Discover the story behind The Next Rembrandt. A beautiful project with a beautiful website created by Superhero Cheesecake.

Maeva Barrière

Portfolio · April 11, 2016 ·

Maeva Barrière is a french food artist. Her beautiful new website was created by MASHVP.

Sam Skinner

Portfolio · January 22, 2016 ·

Sam Skinner is an artist and producer currently doing a PhD between FACT, Liverpool and MIRIAD, Manchester School of Art, on reinventing the old Liverpool Observatory. His new playful porfolio website was designed by Dow-Smith Studio.

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