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Shake Shack

Brand · June 7, 2012 ·

Shake Shack is a modern day ‘roadside’ burger stand serving the most delicious burgers, fries, hot dogs, frozen custard, beer, wine and more. Say what you will about fast food but Shake Shack’s history is quite adorable. Recently Shake Shack got a fresh new website. It’s a beautiful WordPress based and mobile-friendly website that simply works out. It looks like fun to grab something to eat at Shake Shack. Their corporate design looks great, too. Site credits: Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship

Studio · January 9, 2012 ·

Big Spaceship has a new website. Their previous relaunch back in 2009 has been a progressive move towards HTML & JavaScript. Now in 2012, Big Spaceship’s website is embracing HTML5 and Web Fonts – no more Georgia all over the place. The new website looks and feels better in every single aspect. The new blog integration is seamless. It’s a very impressive and smart relaunch. The only teeny tiny point of criticism: the beautiful masthead illustrations are gone.

The Expressive Web

Brand · August 3, 2011 ·

Welcome to The Expressive Web (Beta) by Adobe™. This site is a resource and showcase of some of the newest, and most expressive features that HTML5 and CSS3 can add to the web today. Credits: Big Spaceship