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Le Coq Sportif – Tour de France 2012

Brand · July 9, 2012 ·

Le Coq Sportif presents a fresh new microsite for the Tour de France 2012. Credits: Ned Ludd

The Story of Send

Brand · June 1, 2012 ·

The Story of Send is another captivating microsite of Google. Google published quite a bunch of them over the last couple of weeks. This one is part of the «Google green initiative». Take a journey through Google’s data centers by following an email along its path.

Nike – The Journey

Brand · April 18, 2012 ·

«The journey to a #betterworld starts with sport.». Nike takes us on a journey, a parallax one again. Some people are already tired of this «scrolling thingy», some think it’s like a PowerPoint presentation – others think it is still captivating and impressive. And if you break it down this site actually is more or less one big slideshow, but to be fair it’s a beautiful one. Site credits: Instrument

Lois Jeans – Spring Summer 2012

Brand · April 17, 2012 ·

The spanish fashion brand Lois Jeans celebrates its 50th anniversary with a new website which is featuring a collection of Lois advertising history as a timeline since the 60’s. Fun fact: this is the first campaign site for Lois Jeans sans Flash and frankly you don’t miss it at all. A really nice job by Nectar.

Lend Your Leg

Brand · April 4, 2012 ·

Today is the «International day for Mine Awareness». Lend Your Leg is an honorable campaign that lets you join the world, join that great voice that shouts: NO MORE LANDMINES. Credits: Proximity Colombia

Trail View

Brand · April 2, 2012 ·

«See the National Parks like never before with Trail View, a first of its kind, streetview-style tour of the hiking trails in the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and the Great Smoky Mountains». This spectacular campaign site for Nature Valley was created by McCann New York & Your Majesty. Excellent concept and execution. The «Auto Play» feature feels a bit weird though.

Natural High Safaris

Brand · March 21, 2012 ·

Natural High offers you reassuringly unexpected Safaris & Wilderness Travel. They just launched a slick new website, that almost instantly engages you. A lush and vivid «Experiences» slideshow makes a big entrance and rest assured, you won’t be disappointed afterwards. The interface is very well done and there are some nice little details like the «walking» elephant on the bottom left. The website and the new identity design was made by One Darnley Road.

Bomb Girls

Brand · March 9, 2012 ·

Set in 1940s Toronto, «Bomb Girls» explores the lives of five different women who find themselves thrust into new worlds building bombs on the assembly line in a munitions factory. Working with video and photo content from Shaw Media, Secret Location created an HTML5 web experience that lets users explore the lives of the women who worked in munitions factories during WWII.

The new A-Class

Brand · March 7, 2012 ·

Mercedes-Benz presents the new A-Class on a spectacular «video scroll website». Even if you are already tired of the so-called «scrolling websites», you’ll have to admit that this one is top-notch. The reassembling & disassembling car, the image resharpening – it’s simply impressive.
via @MathildeVandier

Falling Dominoes Game

Brand · March 6, 2012 ·

«Don’t have time to setup your own dominoes game? We’ve got you covered! Just get the bottle rolling and enjoy the falling dominoes fun.». The Falling Dominoes Game is a beautiful new microsite for Coca Cola. The «game» is actually quite pointless – then again it’s Dominoes, it’s just fun to watch. And just like the site pure eye candy.
via @JulienLavallee

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