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Citroën DS4

Brand · July 25, 2013 ·

Discover the DS4, Citroën’s high-stance coupé, a 5-door car that combines award-winning beauty with practicality. A remarkable, well-crafted new microsite created by Rumba. Too bad, there’s no english version available.

The New Audi A3

Brand · October 30, 2012 ·

The New Audi A3 claims to be «Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t». Be that as it may but the british microsite for the new A3 seems to represent exactly that. Clean and simple design that works out just fine on multiple devices. You don’t need an extra app if you got a website like this one.

New Citroën DS3

Brand · June 26, 2012 ·

Have a look at this brazilian microsite for the new Citroën DS3. Eventhough you might have already seen dozens of Flash sites like this, it is a solid piece of work. Slick transitions included. Credits: Rumba

Range Rover Evoque by Victoria Beckham

Brand · April 25, 2012 ·

This immersive, highly visual parallax scrolling HTML5 experience tells the story of the collaboration that went into creating the Range Rover Special Edition with Victoria Beckham. The site is quite «mobile friendly» and viewable on iPad. This needs to be mentioned because you still can’t take that for granted. The employed zoom effect is doing a great job on this site and if the overall experience benefits of a parallax it’s all good – go ahead and use it. All in all there’s nothing to complain about, it’s a solid piece of work by Blast Radius.

The new A-Class

Brand · March 7, 2012 ·

Mercedes-Benz presents the new A-Class on a spectacular «video scroll website». Even if you are already tired of the so-called «scrolling websites», you’ll have to admit that this one is top-notch. The reassembling & disassembling car, the image resharpening – it’s simply impressive.
via @MathildeVandier

Volvo Cross Country Travels

Brand · November 29, 2011 ·

Volvo Cross Country Travels is a guide to the most spectacular adventures in Scandinavia. The Top 50 adventures are presented on a lush HTML5 website. Beautiful pictures and a nice keyboard navigation. Credits: Forsman & Bodenfors + North Kingdom
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New Citroën DS5

Brand · October 17, 2011 ·

Big Youth created a brand new international site for the launch of the new CITROËN DS5. According to them «this premium car presents a daring design and is a true work of art». Therefore the french agency went for a subtle sobriety pixel perfect unadorned concept including HTML5/CSS3, full JS, 20+ localizations and entirely manageable content.

Volkswagen Beetle

Brand · October 5, 2011 ·

Volkswagen is celebrating the release of its 21st Century Beetle with a new HTML5 website that shows the history of the iconic car scrolling on the vertical axis from 1945 to 2011. Although the site is only available in german and the employed parallax effect is not really the smoothest there is, it sure is a beautiful website and an interesting lesson in design history.
via Adverblog

The Planet Zero

Brand · August 1, 2011 ·

«Imagine if, in the not so distant future, we were living in a world where the cars being driven were mostly electric vehicles (EV) that didn’t emit any harmful gases». Welcome to The Planet Zero, a sweet brand new campaign site by Nissan and dwarf inc.

The new CLS. Beauty engineered.

Brand · March 31, 2011 ·

The new CLS is with no doubt a beautiful vehicle. Find out what stands out most to people who aren’t in the car industry. This device neutral campaign site was created by Weapon7.

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