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Alexandre Rochet

Portfolio · September 21, 2016 ·

Alexandre Rochet is a french designer based in Paris currently seeking a full-time Art Director position in New York. He got a quite strong portfolio. Go have a look!

Angelia Ami

Portfolio · September 20, 2016 ·

Angelia Ami is a Creative Director slash Fashion Designer based in Milan, Italy. Her shiny new portfolio site was created by vanGoGh.


Studio · September 19, 2016 ·

Heyblend is a creative film and photo production company based in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.


Project · September 16, 2016 ·

TickTock is a Sid Lee Collective art project that explores how we visualize the passage of time. TickTock features 12 unique designs by multiple artists, with intuitive navigation to toggle between the compositions.

Athfield Architects

Studio · September 15, 2016 ·

Athfield Architects is an architecture studio from New Zealand with offices in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. Site credits: Sons & Co.

Jérémy Vitté

Portfolio · September 14, 2016 ·

Paris based Art Director and Graphic Designer Jérémy Vitté got a new portfolio website. Site credits: Thomas Hervé & Tristan Bagot

Graphic Design Festival Scotland

Brand · September 13, 2016 ·

Graphic Design Festival Scotland is an international organisation promoting creativity, innovation, collaboration and challenging ways of thinking. The festival is taking place at The Lighthouse in Glasgow October 17—23.

Yul Moreau

Portfolio · September 12, 2016 ·

The new portfolio site of Digital Art Director Yul Moreau. Created with Readymag and filled with some impressive projects.

Femme Fatale Studio

Studio · September 9, 2016 ·

Femme Fatale Studio is an award-winning creative studio focusing on culture, luxury, editorial & art.

Meiré und Meiré

Studio · September 8, 2016 ·

Meiré und Meiré is a Cologne, Germany based design studio founded by Marc Meiré and Mike Meiré.

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