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Studio · September 19, 2016 ·

Heyblend is a creative film and photo production company based in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.


Studio · September 7, 2016 ·

Velvet is an agency based in Darlinghurst, Australia representing Dimitri Basil, Jeffrey Darling, Scout Jackson, Tony Kaye, Onil Kotian, Cloudy Rhodes and Alan White.

Take What You Can Carry

Brand · August 22, 2016 ·

Take What You Can Carry is a film by Matt Porterfield of a young woman seen through the interiors she occupies and the company she keeps.

31 Days Of Oscar 2015

Brand · February 10, 2015 ·

Turner Classic Movies presents the History of the Academy Award by exploring winning and nominated pictures from 1927–2011. Site credits: 1 Trick Pony

Do You Want to Remember?

Brand · March 26, 2013 ·

Watson DG created a beautiful new promotional website for the upcoming film «Do You Want to Remember?» by Danny Boyle.

In this innovative journey through the human mind, acclaimed director Danny Boyle dives into the realm of the subconscious with Trance. Exhibiting his usual bright color palette and contrasting grim, enigmatic atmosphere, Boyle takes us on a journey through selective amnesia and the depths of hypnosis, where reality is never exactly what it seems. Watson/DG was tasked with creating a site mirroring the chaotic distortion in the protagonist’s mind, conveying his inner self-conflict in a tangible medium. Watson employed a text platform for manual image corruption and achieved visual glitching and tearing from in-program, resulting in a whirlwind of fleeting images, words and symbols. Each leads to a different exclusive clip, or “memory”, with a bonus if you can remember (or forget) them all before inadvertently interrupting the trance. The quantity of “memories” acquired is shareable across multiple platforms, resulting in an effectively fragmented transition from cognitive cacophony to exceptional interactive experience.

A really splendid appetizer. Well done!

Fear the Grizzly

Studio · July 12, 2012 ·

Fear the Grizzly is a film production based in Nuremberg, Germany, founded by Stefan Bühl & Florian Sommer. This week they got a new website with a clean & simple touch. via @jayemsee

What are The Sevens?

Studio · July 4, 2012 ·

«What are The Sevens?» is an interactive film about a girl who discovers she has mysterious powers. The film and its characters appear to be caught in an infinite loop. Solve the puzzles to discover the true ending. Credits: Secret Location

Olivier Staub

Portfolio · June 21, 2012 ·

Olivier Staub is a Photographer, Cinematographer and Director based in Montréal, Canada. Last week he got a new website. Akufen did a terrific job – that’s the way to go.


Studio · January 19, 2012 ·

NABIS is a young film production company hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Working as a collective, Nabis specializes in auteur films that have been critically acclaimed in both South America and Europe. For NABIS, Hamburg based design studio We Are Fellows and Alex Feyerke created a website that provides maximum impact for video content while being very easy to navigate. The new onepage website is based on HTML5 and JavaScript and works as well on touch-based devices as it does on your desktop/notebook.

Ralph Vaessen – The Art Of Craftsmanship

Brand · November 2, 2011 ·

«The Art Of Craftsmanship» is a brand new campaign site for dutch eyewear brand Ralph Vaessen. Eyewear for the real discerning connoisseur presented on a lush Flash site that comes along with a quite bizarre campaign film. Credits: Simon Hattinga Verschure, Daniël Sytsma & Hessel Waalewijn

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