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Dean West

Portfolio · November 23, 2011 ·

The award-winning australian photographer Dean West got a new portfolio website. And it’s an exceptional website for exceptional images. Really beautiful work by JAM3.


Studio · June 16, 2011 ·

«Where bland, modified WordPress templates have become the norm, digital production agency Jam3 sought out to create a site that does not just showcase their work but is a showcase in itself. The site is a blend of creativity mixed with highly technical coding and features everything from a retro Missile Command game, a 3D voxel engine and outstanding sound design.» Jam3’s new website is quite spectacular and inarguably a masterpiece of Flash work. The voxel engine looks awesome and the transitions are lickable.


Brand · May 10, 2011 ·

Björk has a new website built with the latest HTML5 technology, optimized for the latest browsers. credits: M/M Paris + JAM3MEDIA