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Campaign · February 21, 2012 ·

RIANI is a fashion brand from southern Germany. They really got a clean and elegant website. A beautiful design, some nice scrolling effects and – more important – a great lush presentation of their products. Credits: Zum Kuckuck

Sarri Maxime

Portfolio · February 17, 2012 ·

Sarri Maxime is an award-winning web developer based in Paris, France. He is focused on JavaScript and jQuery and his new portfolio website is demonstrating what he’s capable of. Even if your French might be a bit rusty it is quite hard not to instantly fall in love with this website. Nice clean design and an exciting interface. Design credits: Jérôme Bodin


Campaign · February 16, 2012 ·

Spanish fashion brand TWOTHIRDS launched «Capsule», a very peculiar yet beautiful website to promote their Fall/Winter 2012 collection.


Campaign · February 14, 2012 ·

Milnsbridge is an IT Support company located in Emu Plains, NSW Australia. When it comes to IT Support, websites tend to get boring not to say ugly. Mostly there is really nothing visual to sell and the targeted audience might not be interested in visual/designy stuff either. The website of Milnsbridge is an outstanding exception. Thanks to a super slick interface and nice transitions this site delivers a real good experience.

Happy Cog

Studio · February 12, 2012 ·

It looks like the good people at Happy Cog had an industrious week. The legendary Jeffrey Zeldman and his gang came up with a shiny new website built in just five days. It goes without saying that the new website includes state of the art code and Responsive Design – anything else would have been a big surprise.

Salt Surf

Campaign · February 12, 2012 ·

Salt is a New York City based company that specializes in well crafted, simple surfboards. And well crafted and simple is exactly what their new website feels like. Fresh and minimal – good choice of web fonts, too.

Handel med Afrika

Campaign · February 9, 2012 ·

The «Handel med Afrika» website is a part of the launch effort for a product line by Denmark’s largest organization and groceries franchise. The site is a part of a trade and not an aid programme. Site Credits: Hello Monday


Campaign · February 9, 2012 ·

Berlin based startup 6Wunderkinder officially released their new Wunderkit app. The creators of the pretty and useful Wunderlist app launched a sweet little website to promote the new collaboration platform.

Dangers of Fracking

Project · February 8, 2012 ·

The Dangers of Fracking is a one-page parallax scrolling website dedicated to explaining what resources and materials go in and out of the controversial process of Hydraulic Fracturing. This beautiful and educational project was realized by Linda Dong.


Studio · February 5, 2012 ·

YES is a multidisciplinary creative practise founded in 2004 and based in London. Recently YES got a new website which looks like a perfect mixture of simplicity and elegance. Also they did some quite interesting jobs lately, so have a look.

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