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Artist Of The Year

Brand · June 14, 2012 ·

Artist Of The Year (AOTY) is an electro funk band from Montreal, Canada. Recently they got a new quite experimental website. Expect some animated GIF crazyness and lots of surprises. Site Credits: Akufen


Portfolio · June 14, 2012 ·

DTAILED is the portfolio of Tudor Prisăcariu, a Romanian creative living in London. A couple of weeks ago he launched his new green WordPress-based website. The site is really well done and he did work on some interesting projects, too.


Studio · June 13, 2012 ·

Superscript² is an independent Lyon based graphic design studio founded in 2006 by Pierre Delmas Bouly & Patrick Lallemand. This week they got a new website. Excellent works, lovely presentation.

Gregory Sujkowski

Portfolio · June 12, 2012 ·

Gregory Sujkowski is a 21-year-old, self-taught and passionate Web Designer based in Paris, France. His new portfolio site is one of these «scrolling sites» but it’s nicely done and not confusing at all. Also he presents some of his works on retro computers (C64, Amiga…) – nice & unique touch.

Everything You Need to Know About Design on the Web

Project · June 11, 2012 ·

«Everything You Need to Know About Design on the Web» is a nice Piccsy Playground Presentation. Check it out – you might find some new helpful bookmarks. The «Web Design Galleries» section looks improvable though.

Checkland Kindleysides

Studio · June 9, 2012 ·

Checkland Kindleysides is an independent design consultancy with offices in Leicester and London. This week they got a slick new website. Superb clean design and a nice use of grids and Web Fonts. It’s a joy to browse through this site.

Google SketchUp Showcase

Project · June 9, 2012 ·

Google presents the Sketchup Showcase – browse some of the best SketchUp projects from around the world. And this is not only a ‘bookmark worthy’ showcase, it’s also a pretty well done website. Check out the remarkable 3D-ish hover effects on the thumbnails.

Shake Shack

Brand · June 7, 2012 ·

Shake Shack is a modern day ‘roadside’ burger stand serving the most delicious burgers, fries, hot dogs, frozen custard, beer, wine and more. Say what you will about fast food but Shake Shack’s history is quite adorable. Recently Shake Shack got a fresh new website. It’s a beautiful WordPress based and mobile-friendly website that simply works out. It looks like fun to grab something to eat at Shake Shack. Their corporate design looks great, too. Site credits: Big Spaceship

Wythe Hotel

Brand · June 5, 2012 ·

The Wythe Hotel is a hotel with an interesting history. It all started with the discovery of an old factory on the Brooklyn waterfront. Originally built in 1901 as a cooperage, the historically industrial building has been preserved, renovated and turned into a place where people feel welcome. Last week the Wythe Hotel got a beautiful and modern new website. A really good job by AREA 17.


Studio · June 4, 2012 ·

Pollen is an ambitious European design studio that delivers cohesive, robust brand identities that break the mould and get clients noticed. Their new website is quite a beauty. Lovely «Responsiveness» in both ways. The site is based on WordPress and makes use of the famous HTML5 Boilerplate. Pollen also employs the Google WebFont «Lato» on their site. This is one neat font, you might want to add it to your collection, too.

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