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Bakken & Bæck

Studio · January 11, 2016 ·

Super clean new website for the norwegian digital design studio Bakken & Bæck. Reminds me a bit of Information Architects: reduced to the max.

Oslo Design Fair

Brand · November 9, 2015 ·

The beautiful new website of the Oslo Design Fair – the most important meeting place for design and interior decor in Norway.

Northern Lighting

Brand · May 28, 2015 ·

Northern Lighting is a sophisticated lighting shop based in Oslo, Norway. They recently got a slick new website based on WordPress. Site credits: Dekode

Bergen International Festival

Brand · April 27, 2015 ·

The upcoming Bergen International Festival got a nice website featuring a solid grid layout and a distinctive color scheme.

DNB Boligreisen

Brand · February 20, 2015 ·

And here’s a little something for the weekend. DNB, Norway’s largest financial services group takes you on a housing journey. Watch out for this »scroll-thingy« website, there’s a shipload of video magic going on. Credits: T/A POL

Amanda Gerhardsen

Portfolio · January 28, 2014 ·

Amanda Gerhardsen is a photographer based in Trondheim, Norway. Recently she got a new website. Nice works, nice interface and an interactive «Remix» section as a sweet gimmick. The site was designed by Andreas Winther and coded by Mustasj.


Studio · January 8, 2014 ·

A couple of weeks ago Oslo based design studio Heydays got a new website. The old 2011 site was really something special. And still, the new one just got better. A true beauty! But be advised: it works by far better on Webkit browsers.

Jan Finnesand

Portfolio · October 10, 2013 ·

Welcome to the new personal portfolio of norwegian Art & Creative Director Jan Finnesand. The site features a great body of work and a very sophisticated way of presentation. Well done!

Holzweiler Agency

Brand · August 20, 2013 ·

Holzweiler Agency is a fashion distributor based in Oslo, Norway. spyline never had any fashion experts on board but Holzweiler’s new website certainly is très chic. Elegant scandinavian design paired with a nice personal touch.

Andreas Kleiberg

Portfolio · March 17, 2013 ·

Andreas Kleiberg is a young & talented photographer based in Oslo, Norway. His new portfolio site is exciting and excellent. Click, scroll, rotate and swipe whatever you want, it’s all there. Terrific stuff! The site was designed by Bleed and developed by Værsågod.

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