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Project · October 10, 2016 ·

BIGSOUND Buzz is an online project using real-time data powered by social media to reveal the most hyped artists of BIGSOUND 2016. Site credits: Bolster

Loop 2016

Brand · August 30, 2016 ·

Loop 2016 is a Summit for Music Makers powered by Ableton and taking place 4–6 Nov 2016 at Funkhaus Berlin.

Adult Swim Singles 2016

Brand · August 26, 2016 ·

Adult Swim Singles 2016 brings to you 25 new tracks each week for free for 25 weeks.


Studio · August 3, 2015 ·

Pirate is a Toronto, Canada based audio production studio for radio and television. They recently got a nice new website which was created by Faculty.


Brand · June 23, 2015 ·

An innovative product calls for an innovative platform. AIAIAI lets users build their own unique headphones succeeds in balancing commerce, experience and branding without compromises. Magic People Voodoo People created this very remarkable website.


Project · June 17, 2015 ·

Jazz.Computer is an interactive song that responds to the position and direction of your scrolling that is generated live in the browser. It was created by Yotam Mann with visual design by Sarah Rothberg and makes use of Tone.js and Three.js. Go ahead and give it a scroll – it is quite amazing how Jazz.Computer is responding.

Like There Is No Tomorrow

October 26, 2012 ·

Like There Is No Tomorrow is a New year eve event promotional website for Fragil Musique at Insula, Nantes in France. Brace yourself – it’s another parallax scrolling website. But this one is really cute. Yummy colors, nice illustrations and most important it works out very well. Also the optional navigation via sound is a nice little detail. The site was created by Plasticbionic.

Live For The Funk

Brand · July 11, 2012 ·

Live For The Funk (LFTF) is a platform dedicated to «Music for today’s modern enthusiast, complete with original interviews, mixes and video». LFTF’s new website has a really nice color scheme and the Futura font does a great job, too. The site was designed by Six and developed by South Pole Creative.

Beoplay A3

Brand · July 2, 2012 ·

Make your iPad heard with the Beoplay A3. This new product of B&O looks very interesting, probably something to add to your wish list. The Beoplay A3 site is simply immaculate. Splendid product presentation by Hello Monday.

Artist Of The Year

Brand · June 14, 2012 ·

Artist Of The Year (AOTY) is an electro funk band from Montreal, Canada. Recently they got a new quite experimental website. Expect some animated GIF crazyness and lots of surprises. Site Credits: Akufen

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