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Do You Want to Remember?

Brand · March 26, 2013 ·

Watson DG created a beautiful new promotional website for the upcoming film «Do You Want to Remember?» by Danny Boyle.

In this innovative journey through the human mind, acclaimed director Danny Boyle dives into the realm of the subconscious with Trance. Exhibiting his usual bright color palette and contrasting grim, enigmatic atmosphere, Boyle takes us on a journey through selective amnesia and the depths of hypnosis, where reality is never exactly what it seems. Watson/DG was tasked with creating a site mirroring the chaotic distortion in the protagonist’s mind, conveying his inner self-conflict in a tangible medium. Watson employed a text platform for manual image corruption and achieved visual glitching and tearing from in-program, resulting in a whirlwind of fleeting images, words and symbols. Each leads to a different exclusive clip, or “memory”, with a bonus if you can remember (or forget) them all before inadvertently interrupting the trance. The quantity of “memories” acquired is shareable across multiple platforms, resulting in an effectively fragmented transition from cognitive cacophony to exceptional interactive experience.

A really splendid appetizer. Well done!

Track ’em Find ’em Kill ’em

Brand · August 2, 2012 ·

Track ’em Find ’em Kill ’em is a Field Guide dedicated to the destruction of The Expendables. Submit intel to Jean Villain following the first and most important rule of combat: Kill First. This promotional microsite for the upcoming blockbuster «The Expendables 2» is based on tumblr(!) and was created by WatsonDG. Pretty impressive tumblr theme.

Welcome to the Bathtub

Brand · May 24, 2012 ·

Through a visually-dynamic web experience, visitors are invited to the Bathtub, join Hushpuppy in a celebration of life and childhood imagination. Watson DG created this nice promotional website for the movie «Beasts of the Southern Wild».

The Thing – Station Survival

Brand · October 6, 2011 ·

For the Sci-fi/Horror film’s near Halloween release Watson/DG launched «Station Survival», a first person browser based shooter game created with Unity3D. An isolated Norwegian outpost in Antarctica has sent out an urgent call for help, and it’s your mission to explore the base and find out what went down. Grab your flamethrower, and prepare to fight an enemy that’s unlike anything you’ve ever faced before. Do you think you have what it takes to survive Thule Station?

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Brand · August 24, 2011 ·

An unconventional film deserves an unconventional online campaign, a site without comparison. In the case of Fox Searchlight’s new film «Martha Marcy May Marlene» Watson/DG wanted to build an experience that reflects the mystery, themes, and sinister undertones, housed within a unique web environment.
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Motorbike Escape Game

Brand · December 20, 2010 ·

In this dynamic environmental online game that was created by W/DG using Unity3D, Harry Potter must make it safely to The Burrow on a high-risk mission with the Death Eaters hot on his trail!

I Just Want To Be Perfect

Brand · November 4, 2010 ·

In anticipation of the release of Fox Searchlight’s “Black Swan”, Watson D/G created a site that presents an unsettling look into the psyche of Nina Sayers, the Swan Queen herself.