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Brand · June 29, 2015 ·

Hugo and Marie recently created a beautiful and distinctive website for the New York City based fashion brand Cienne. Cienne is fashion for adventurous women, created by artisans all over the world & crafted by New York’s best makers.


Studio · June 19, 2015 ·

Nice new website for Confetti, a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Kevin McDowell and Tom Shanahan.

Elodie Fabbri

Portfolio · June 8, 2015 ·

Elodie Fabbri is a talented french digital designer currently working at Hi-ReS! London. Recently she got a nice new website based on WordPress and the popular Semplice™ system slash theme.

Patryk Chwedorowicz

Portfolio · March 18, 2015 ·

Patryk Chwedorowicz is a multidisciplinary Designer and Art Director based in Warsaw, Poland. This is his slick new portfolio based on the Semplice system.

The Marmalade

Studio · March 16, 2015 ·

The Marmalde is an internationally acclaimed commercial film production company and a highly experienced post production house headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. They recently got a new website based on the Divi WordPress theme.

Vince Frost

Portfolio · March 13, 2015 ·

Vince Frost is a remarkable Creative Director, Designer and Author based in Sydney, Australia. He recently launched a new portfolio website. A clean and lush one which in this case is quite a strong combo.

Stupid Studios

Studio · March 6, 2015 ·

Stupid Studios is a design and branding agency with offices in Copenhagen and Odense, Denmark. Judging by their work and their new website there is nothing stupid at all about Stupid Studios. Simply great work presented on a lush website.

Résidence Mixte

Studio · March 4, 2015 ·

Résidence Mixte is a Paris based communication and web design agency. They recently got a very special new website. Very nice design and one lovely color scheme.

Letters Inc.

Studio · February 6, 2015 ·

Letters Inc. is small but very remarkable design studio based in Tokyo, Japan. Their website really is something special. Swift transitions, lovely CSS effects. Eye candy!

Kasper Laigaard

Portfolio · January 29, 2015 ·

This is the new super simple, super slick portfolio site of Kasper Laigaard. Kasper is an experienced art director who is currently working at Hello Monday.

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